AIPMT Re Examination 2015 – Yes or No ? Supreme Court’s Decision

Supreme Court’s(SC) Decision(Verdict) on AIPMT Re Examination 2015

AIPMT 2015 Re ExaminationSupreme Court of India(SC) has recently took the decision of delaying the examination of AIPMT held in May 2015. The important question right now is that ” Will there by AIPMT 2015 Re-Examination?”. The answer at this very point of time is neither yes nor no. It is “May be”.

During the hearing of AIPMT 2015 Paper fraud case, the supreme court was concerned about the students or applicants of the examination. The court told that the Re-Examination of AIPMT 2015 is last solution.  This step will be taken if there is no other option left. SC told that one can’t simple ask more that 6 lakh applicants to appear in for the examination Again.

As performance in AIPMT examination shapes the future of the applicants, it would be heart breaking for the students if they have to appear in the exam once again. Currently it can’t be said that the Re Examination will surely take place but yes there are chances

Supreme Court’s Strict’s Behavior Towards the Culprits of AIPMT 2015 Fraud Case

The Supreme court is very concerned about finding the people who were behind this case. That’s why on 3rd May 2015, SC have given the directions to the Haryana Court to investigate the Issue and find out the involved people

What About Result of AIPMT May 2015 Exam

The Result was expected to be declared on 5th June but supreme court has delayed the announcement of result till 10th June 2015. Once the Haryana Police will submit investigation report to the court, next decision will be told.

AIPMT RE – Examination 2015 – What would be the Hurdles if re-exam was conducted

Re- Examination is not as much easy as it sounds. It would require the arrangements to be made again. There would be a great administrative overhead. The question paper has to be prepared again the admit cards will have to be uploaded again. So almost the entire process has to be done again.

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Are you In Favor of Re-Exam of AIPMT 2015 or Not ?

What are your views ? Do you want the RE-Exam to take place or not. Leave your comments in the section below.



  1. sony says

    I have dropped one year for the AIPMT exam. One year means a lot to me. I have genuinely prepared and in very difficult conditions, have managed to give the exam.
    Students and parents are raising protests after protests for their selfish reasons…But they dont think about the students who have genuinely put in all the efforts and done well for the exam. Even the BHU and AFMC scores depend on the AIPMT score
    Stay on the results is very saddening as we have to wait for another week to know whats really gonna happen.

  2. Archana Pal says

    I think aipmt should be conducted is only the way that may result in real justice to hard working aspirants..if some people think that it will be a problem for aspirants to appear in exam again..then it is it is concerned with our future then why would it be a problem..i am really afraid that if SC didn’t conduct exam again then it would be injustice to many because finding out culprits in short duration of time is not that easy and how will they find them who got answer key personally by hand..if police catches some and few culprits are left from there reach then it will b wrong to the real ones..if any one got selection rather than deserving one then it will b real injustice..i beg SC to support students and order CBSE to conduct exam again..becausing delaying it for so long will also harm studies of they should sort out it as early as possible and helping the deserving to come forward and get selection..hoping for re conduction…hope many want it..


    If any irregularities happen during election then they are held once again for the justification of political leaders then why not aipmt?

  4. Pintu says

    AIPMT 2015 exam should be held again if the fact is established that paper is leaked. Seats are very limited and if 600-700 students qualify due to leakage of paper then it will eliminate the chances of bright & genuine students to qualify.

  5. shalini says

    Yes, ofcours i want re examination of will decide the future of students so there should be no chance of fraud in this case.

  6. Akanksha Sharma says

    Yes. I wand re-examination of AIPMT-2015. As the sanctity of the exam has void, the Supreme Court should immediately oder for re-examination.

  7. Elsa Elizabeth says

    Re-examination is required since it cannot be exactly estimated as who all have been benefited by this leakage.
    CBSE SHOULD CONDUCT RE-EXAMINATION since many opt for this profession and not a single candidate may lose his chance due to this culprit.

  8. PK says


  9. Tanya says

    Conduct it again. How on earth are you going to catch all the miscreants? The idea itself is ridiculous. We want a retest.

  10. ashish says

    yes, i want to rexam conduct by cbse.
    because these exam more hard work done by student.
    Day -Night and 16-17 hrs only study ,what will be effect on mind?

  11. Rahul says

    yes re exam should be conducted….as there r only 2500 seat….and 700 r booked already…we want justice….

  12. appu says

    dear…..out of 6 lakh only 50000 get selected…..baki to bolega hi na

    coz they r getting second chance….bt is this fair

  13. gabbar fiza says

    I stand in agreement with your words…most of the students want it…only few doesn’t coz they ‘ve worked hard and scored good numbers and they are on the verge of selection…and those who want ‘re exam they are selfish people they’ve not done so well and they wanted a second chance now…expecting to score higher marks this time…but they are wrong!

  14. Manoj says

    I think a retest is only fair. The results need to be published and the retest needs to be carried out to only to those candidates who have scored above the cut off marks or say a total of fifty thousand candidates as per the merit list . These are the candidates who have been affected by the cheating. The retest can be held online like AIIMS/MUOET/Jipmer tests. This will reduce chances of cheating, assist in prompt result compilation and declaration as well as reduce administrative hassles.

  15. Neha says

    Yes aipmt should be conducted again because it is not possible to point out all the reexamination is the last and fair option…

  16. Kamal Bhattacharjee says

    No question of re-exams arises. If it at all be done again , it will be nothing , but wastage of public money and time, energy, enthu as well as confidence of the candidates. Can CBSC and SC give the guarantee that there will be no more corruption again . Students , who were really made themselves prepared will definitely get chance.

  17. sonam says

    i don’t want re -exam its not fair with us becoz mene bht wait kiya h and bht mushkilo m ye exaw diya h

  18. sagar kumar says exm is nit a solution..but re exm hone se jo failure h use ek chance aur mil jayega……aur aache student ka session let ho jayega..

  19. says

    Yes .. I am in favor of re-examination to be conducted.. There are many culprits who might be left undetected even after the police submit their report .. & those applicants will score tremendously good mrks that would hike up the cutoff mrks & those applicants who have genuinely wrkd hard will suffer.. I would request the hon’ble SC to kindly keep a note of these points also along with the hindrances that would come up in taking the re-exam .. Thank you ..

  20. sagar kumar says exm is not a solution..but re exm hone se jo failure h use ek chance aur mil jayega……aur aache student ka session let ho exm wahi chhate h jise apne merit pe sak ho…

  21. sonam says

    no i dnt want re exam becoz jin logo ne is tym k liye wait kiya and mhnat ki unka selectn ho rha h and jo fail h isme vo jyada force kr rhe h retest ho but m puchna chati hu kya retest hi ek tarika h jo fail h unhe 2nd chance mil jaega its not fair

  22. smith says

    Yes I want re exam becoz I got 520 in this but I didn’t ignore my friends marks so please re conduct exam becoz if we have to power to crack aipmt than none matter if it’s re conduct

  23. ramashish kushwaha says

    i think aipmt should not b held again bcoz it needs alot of tym to be managed by the students…parents and teachers r protesting for re. exam bt they r not understanding its not easy for all students ovrcoming and coping wd lots of challenges in their daily life….

  24. Parijat kolambkar says

    Yes, I want a re exam.
    Re exam won’t affect the hard work of intelligent students.

  25. Azhupeo says

    Da students dont care about catching da culprit bt thinking of re-exam. Bingo.. ur jas seeking a second chance n not justice. yes in da name of justice dey are taking its advantage. Dats jas selfish.

  26. Azhupeo says

    I dont think da student who r dying fr reexam r really happy with da information dat da police r leading in da investigation…

  27. Azhupeo says

    Da police and SIT r doing there best in the investigation, so no need for re-exam. so far 25 students r identified n 6 persons were arrestd in this way dey can identify da beneficiaries. NO NO 100% NO reexam.

  28. Arshiya says

    NO! There shouldn’t reexam.. The people who want re conduction of exam please tell us what marks they are getting.. So actually they are using it only as a second chance.. please stop this nonsense.. this is not fair..

  29. monish says

    Re exam is the only solution whatever those who don’t want re exam they r not qualified students they must be among cheaters

  30. Ajmal Roshan says

    Not supporting with retest.bcoz the kerala entrance allotment is about to start so that we should have an idea about weather we will get admission via AIPMT .Then only we can submit appropriate options in the allotment process.

  31. Ajmal Roshan says

    The best method is to recinducting exam for the first 2000 or 3000 ranks.bcoz the fools who had copied will be within this rank so that we can eliminate them easily.The children who had shown most poor perfomance can easily be caught.And there is another benefit that copied frauds will be afraid to write retest.And that way many will be eliminated.If this is a good idea please take nesessary steps as i said

  32. Sanjeev Singh says

    I think exam should b Reconduct it is the only solution. For best student who do well

  33. Nanditha says

    I want re-exam like thousands of other AIPMT aspirants out there…. We r all looking forward anxiously …..

  34. says

    please recoduct the aipmt again fairly..!! this is not about hundreds of students.. this is the demand of those 6.5 lakhs genuin students..!!

  35. says

    becoming doctor is already written in one’s fortune . re- exam would won’t make the students doctor who haven’t studied whole year and now want second chance and the students in whose fortune becoming doctor isn’t written. may be something else good is waiting for them

  36. says

    but it would be beneficial for the students who worked hard and due to some reason they haven’t performed well in the examination . for toppers it won’t be challenge , they’ll again perform well and top the exam

  37. Vibhi says

    Yes I definitely want a reexam why not the students who deserve it will definitely get selected and almost all of us want to give the exam performers are always performers it doesn’t matter for them whether it is for the first time or second.

  38. nimesh says

    Let the results b scrapped. Return this years quota of seats to the parent state and let them fill up. Its not possible to hav an exam on such a short notice. It wud b a bigger mess in trying to hurry up things. By the time the exams r reconducted and seats filled up u wud hav waisted atlest 6 months. Hence forth the exams shd b conducted only online as this wud eliminate the chance of a leak.

  39. shama parveen says

    It should be done again…without any doubt…y they r afrdn 2 reconct…nly for money expndtr..n wat bout genuine student who wil not select due to must b done again..

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