8 Ways to Improve Your Blog

Killer Tactics to Increase Your Blog Traffic:

Today I want to follow on from that post by sharing five more of the smartest tactics I’ve read recently around the web. None are hard to implement and all could have a significant effect on your traffic, links and shares. So let’s get started!download (2)


Tips for successful guest blogging:download (3)

  • Don’t post mediocre content on your guest posts; always write high-quality posts. People will only follow you back to your blog when your posts are amazing, unique, and really, really good.
  • Try landing on top blogs with your guest posts because these top blogs will always help you get loyal readers, more email leads, and an increase in sales.
  • Analyze the blogs where you want to guest post. This way you will know how to write in order to capture that specific audience.
  • Try to frequently guest post on blogs which are bigger than your

    Simple and Proven Tips to Increase Your Blog Subscribers:

    These are some fairly simple hacks that you can implement without too much fuss, which should boost your subscriber numbers.

    1. Lower your bounce rate:

    Cameron Chapman explained in a post on the Kissmetrics blog how he kept the bounce rate under 2% on his blog. His first tip is simple navigation:

    The big thing here is that there’s no fancy, complicated navigation. No assisted search. No mega drop-down menus. It’s no more complicated than it absolutely has to be.

    2.Get Your Tweet Text Right

    Hat tip to Ross Hudgens for this one. It’s really important to make sure you have your default tweet text optimised to encourage users to click on the link and follow you on Twitter. A survey by Siege Media found that a massive 73% of company blogs weren’t taking advantage of this technique.

    So what does optimised tweet text look like? A simple best practice solution would be to include the post title, URL and your Twitter handle like this……….

    3.Repurpose Your Content

    Content Repurposing Ideas

    In the Hummingbird era, I’m a firm believer in writing fewer longer posts rather than frequent shorter ones. I definitely think this is a better use of one’s time (in terms of getting links, traffic and shares) than blogging daily and simply regurgitating in 600 words what’s already out there.

    4.Share More Than Once

    This first tip comes from Garrett Moon, who suggests in a post on KISSmetrics that companies aren’t sharing their blog content nearly as much as they ought to. Many of us have the mentality of “share once and forget”. We publish something on our blog and distribute it across all our social media channels once. But what about all those people who missed that initial communication?

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