West Bengal Assembly Elections date 2016:

WB Assembly Elections 2016:

According to the CPI(M) leadership, the party is presently in a catch 22 situation. “If the party goes for an alliance with the Congress in Bengal, it will impact party’s prospects in Kerala, where Congress is the main opposition of CPI(M) and that state will also go to polls along with Bengal in a few months time,” a senior CPI(M) leader told PTI here.

“To oust the TMC the people of the state want us to forge an alliance with secular and democratic forces which include Congress. So whenever the party leadership takes a call on this matter they should keep in mind the opinion and views of the masses,” he said.

CPI(M) leaders from Kerala, however, countered the speculation of forging alliance with the Congress in Bengal, saying it would be a contradiction of the official party line adopted in the last party Congress which called for keeping both Congress and BJP at bay.

West Bengal election 2016 date:

According to a report in the Deccan Chronicle, a meeting with the Chief Election Commissioner and two Election Commissioners will be held after 1 March and then the election dates will be announced.

Sources have told the daily that dates for elections to the Assemblies of Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Kerala, Assam and Puducherry would be announced before 6 March. A senior official was quoted as saying that the Election Commission is mandated to give a gap of at least 40 to 45 days from the date of announcement of polls to the polling date and thus the dates would be announced before 6 March……….

West Bengal bidhan sabha election 2016:

The daily also reports that elections for the Tamil Nadu Assembly would be held either in the last week of April or first week of May. Tamil Nadu is to go to polls on a single day, unlike West Bengal or Assam which will have staggered polling.

West Bengal Legislative Assembly election, 2016:


Assembly elections in West Bengal, are likely to be held sometime in April-May 2016………..

Religion in West Bengal :

  Hinduism (70.53%)
  Islam (27.01%)
  Christianity (0.72%)
  Buddhism (0.30%)
  Sikhism (0.07%)
  Jainism (0.06%)
  Other Religions (1.03%)

  Atheist (0.001%)

West Bengal election 2016 date:

The density of West Bengal state in the current decade is 2664 per sq mile.

  • West Bengal is an State of India with population of Approximate 9.13 Crores.
  • The population of West Bengal state is 91,276,115.
  • The density of West Bengal state is 1,028 per sq km.
  • West Bengal State is spread over 88,752 Sq Km.

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